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About Us


Excellent Fire and Safety's Board of Directors meets monthly and is comprised of 3 prominent members of the local business community, all leaders in their industries.

The Board's mandate covers a formal agenda consisting of: overall strategy and management, corporate structure, financial reporting and controls, internal controls, approval of the annual report, approval of dividends and group risk management.

There are a number of independent non-executive directors on the Excellent Fire and Safety Board. The Group defines 'independent' as having no perceived or real conflicts of interest with any shareholder group or business partner.

There are five other board committees who meet regularly to govern the Group's activities

  • Obaid Khadim Ahmed Bin Touq Al Marri (Chairman)
  • Omar Abdul Qadar Abdullah Al Emadi (Vice Chairman)
  • Dr. Abdul Qadar Abdullah Al Emadi
  • Dr. Ahmed Khadim Ahmed Bin Touq Al Marri
  • Mohammed Khadim Ahmed Bin Touq Al Marri

The Executive team collectively monitors the performance of the Group and makes Group level decisions within authority limits delegated by the Board of Directors (BOD). Such decisions involve the day to day running of the Group, its strategic growth and the implementation of any Board decisions. This senior management team meets twice a month.

  • Mohammed Azhar (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Usman Mohammed (Design Manager)
Details of Excellent Group Companies
  • Smile Fixers Dental Clinic

Excellent Fire and Safety Company established in the year 2011, approved and licensed by Dubai Civil Defense as Grade ‘A+’ contractors.

Since its inception, we have emerged as fastest growing company in the United Arab Emirates. We are specialized in providing the turnkey solution in Fire Protection systems, Smoke & Heat Detection system, Fire Alarm system, Emergency Exit light system. Our Services to include the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance / servicing of Complete range of Fire systems and obtaining necessary approvals for local regulation authorities.

Aiming to enhance, develop, improvise and accomplish solutions with high specifications, and to stay the pioneers in keeping pace with the huge technology progress.

Excellent Fire & Safety is committed to providing state of the art technology Fire-engineering systems to the highest possible standards. The Fire systems are fully compliant with international Fire Code NFPA, UAE Civil Defense regulations together with customer’s & consultant individual specifications/requirements.

We have a sister company M/s Bin Touq Fire & Safety based in Dubai, established in the year 2009

Our Principals
  • Potter Signal Fire Alarm System USA UL listed
  • Ningbo Yinzhou Tianyu Fire Cables & Wire Co., Ltd. China UL Listed
  • Guardian Fire Equipment USA UL listed
  • Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited UL listed
  • OCV control valves USA UL Listed
Quality Policy

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence & committed to supplying the highest quality across all the company’s business areas.

By consistently providing products that meet or exceed consumer expectation and international standards, we will develop user loyalty and so achieve strong business performance.

All employees are expected to help the company attain high quality standards. It is company policy to:

  • Maintain and keep records of a quality management system in accordance with international standards, regulations and directives
  • Ensure all staff are fully trained and understand their role providing quality products and good customer service
  • Provide products which fully meet customer requirements
  • Develop or acquire products which are effective, safe and reliable
  • Make sure the services and materials from suppliers are of consistent and sufficient quality
  • Strive for continual improvement in performance, underpinned by the necessary financial resources, and highlight objectives and progress through internal and external communications.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

Excellent Fire recognizes it’s our duty to comply with the current regulations relating to Occupational Health and Safety for its employees, subcontractors and others that may be affected by its work related activities.

  • To continually improve our health and safety performance in line with OHSAS 18001:2007 in order to prevent injury and ill health to our employees and others.
  • Produce an action plan which sets out targets and objectives each year, monitor and review, updating these plans annually.
  • Provide adequate resources to properly maintain the health and safety functions of the company.
  • Undertake to provide Method Statements and Risk Assessments and review as may be required.
  • Provide and maintain systems of work which are safe and without risk to Health.
  • Establish arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances provided for use at work, which are safe and without risk of Health.
  • Provide employees with such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to secure their safety and health at work and that of others who may be affected by their actions.
  • Carry out health & Safety surveillance.
  • Ensure that all machinery, plant and equipment are maintained in a safe condition.
  • Provide adequate provision and arrangements for welfare facilities at work and employees accommodation.
  • Achieve a safe place of work, ensure that access and egress areas are safe and without risk.
  • Monitor performance of Safety and Health to maintain agreed standards and current regulations.
  • Make this policy available for interested parties on request.
All employees of the company are required to undertake the following as part of their duties to the company:
  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety, and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.
  • Co-operate with others in the company to fulfill its statutory duties with respect to Health and Safety.
  • Not to interfere with, misuse or willfully damage anything provided in the interest of Health and Safety.
  • Take care of and maintain P.P.E. issued to them.
  • To work to any methods and instructions issued by the company.
To ensure that this policy remains effective the company’s Top Management will:
  • Review it annually, or at that time of significant changes within the business.
  • Make any such changes known to all employees.
  • Maintain procedures for communication and consultation between all levels of staff on matters of Health & Safety Welfare.